Why PetMio is Launching on Kickstarter | A Q&A with CEO Pedro Moras

Pedro talking about why Petmio is launching on Kickstarter

Perhaps by now you’ve seen that PetMio is launching on Kickstarter in less than 10 days!

We’ve all heard of the overnight success stories of start-ups, and maybe most of us know a Kickstarter project or two that have struck it big on the crowdfunding platform.

I thought it important to take a few minutes out of the busy preparation of the launch to discuss with you exactly why PetMio is launching on Kickstarter. It’s not quite for the reason you might be thinking.

Few others can talk about PetMio with as much passion and eloquence as CEO Pedro Moras, so I snagged him for a quick Q&A session for our followers.

Q: According to Pedro Moras, why is PetMio launching on Kickstarter in the first place?

Pedro: I think Kickstarter is a great platform to launch very innovative products. Kickstarter backers are passionate about new and exciting projects. They tend to a very have similar, innovator mindsets to us as founders of startups and in many cases they are innovators just like us.
To them it is all about innovating a genuine solution, being part of a movement. They are true early adopters.

We could have done this on our own platform, anywhere else. But we chose KS because it is a great platform to connect with people who have the same passion and desire to build something revolutionary and be part of something bigger than ourselves.

Q: What makes PetMio different from other Kickstarter projects?

P: When Kickstarter first started, we saw a lot of one-off projects. Sometimes by first-time innovators where this was their first time developing products or a business. They came to Kickstarter as an alternative way to gain funding for their project and a lot of them were hedging everything on the success or failure of Kickstarter. If the project got funded the product came to life; if it didn’t get funded the product prospects died.

Although as innovators we admire the bootstrapping, we are different in three ways.

Number one: We have assembled a team of proven experts, PhDs and in computer science, veterinarians, engineers, food scientists, marketers and more. Our team, advisory panel, and partners are seasoned and have collectively developed or consulted for some of the biggest CPG brands in the world.

Number two: This isn’t a side project for us. We started PetMio because we believed that there was a better way to do things. But dreaming big isn’t enough, we need to fully dedicate ourselves to turn this dream into a reality. So that’s what we did. We walked way from our secure corporate, university and research jobs to take on PetMio full time and pursue something we know is revolutionary. We have invested our skills, capital, careers and families into this. PetMio has become one the biggest parts of our personal lives and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Number three: Kickstarter is not the be-all-end-all for PetMio. PetMio was never about developing a singular product and hoping that it takes off. We are developing a company with a groundbreaking system that we believe will revolutionize multiple parts of the pet industry. The technology and food products that we are launching today are just a starting point. We have multiple additional innovations already planned and some already in development that will take us beyond even nutrition. What we are launching with on Kickstarter is just the first part of the equation.

Though we are looking forward to the support and community of our backers from Kickstarter, PetMio is going to move forward and succeed as traditional companies do outside of Kickstarter.

Q: Why should somebody be excited about PetMio on Kickstarter?

P: We are really excited for our PetMio launch, and the right Kickstarter backers will be too.

This is going to be the first time we’re allowing someone to pre-buy into our product. So right off the bat, a backer should be excited to meet us at Kickstarter because it will be the lowest cost per entry that we will ever have.

In addition, people that back us on Kickstarter, in these earlier stages, are joining our movement, they setting a stake on ground and saying “our pets deserve the best.” That mindset and conviction essentially makes them part of the team.

It is exciting from a consumer standpoint to be there in the beginning and at the earliest level. Imagine the excitement of the first customers to have their hands on a Tesla. Now don’t misunderstand: we have a really long way to go before we’re on Tesla’s level. But similarly, our backers will have first access to groundbreaking technology before anyone else.

Q: What is most exciting to you about launching PetMio on Kickstarter?

Seeing all the hard work our team has put in for nearly two years be unveiled is extremely gratifying. It really takes a village to bring something like this to launch.

What gets me most excited about this is not just the idea itself, though revolutionary, but the people we have involved in it already. Every team member, every expert advisor, every partner that we have brought on board has continuously told us how revolutionary this can be.

We are delivering a solution in a way the pet food industry hasn’t seen before. It is something industry experts, veterinarians and pet parents have been asking for.

We’ve had everyone from pet nutrition experts to tech gurus reach out to us because they’re excited about what we are building. And at the end of our conversation one question we always get is “how do we get involved?” Seeing that excitement and validation from brilliant minds is very rewarding.

So Get Excited: PetMio Launching on Kickstarter

There is a bunch to look forward to over the next week as we gear up to launch. For more information, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and check out our new homepage at www.petmio.com.

See you at Kickstarter!