PetMio’s Dedication to Transparent Pet Food

Because Your Pet Deserves a Nutrition Facts Label

A Misleading Pet Food Industry in Need of Change

There is a dire need for more transparent pet food in the pet industry. For far too long, pet owners have put their trust in big brand pet food companies to provide honest and clear nutritional labels. According to our CEO, Pedro Moras, your pet’s food is not held up to the same, high quality standards that we expect in our own food that we buy from grocery stores and farmers markets.

Many big brand pet food companies claim to include only the best ingredients. Despite this, pet owners ultimately still struggle to find healthy and nutritious ingredients that their pets actually enjoy while prolonging their life.

After conducting researching on pet foods in the industry, Kasra Farsad, Chief Food Scientist, points out that the food available on your shelves applies to only a small variety of groups: age, weight and breed. He supports this point by adding the fact that there are many more biological facets that make your pet unique. This may cause your pet to lead to a life of malnutrition if you continue to buy food not tailored for their individual needs.

As pet owners ourselves, we find it unacceptable that the pet food we buy in stores doesn’t meet basic quality standards. Not only is this practice misleading, but will sooner or later lead to digestion problems, weight gain, and an improperly balanced diet.

At PetMio, we believe in the power of transparency when it comes to feeding your pet.

Commitment to Transparent Pet Food: Know and Trust 100% of Your Pet Food

PetMio is determined to make a drastic change in the pet food market. We’ll do this starting with letting you know exactly what ingredients are formulated in your dog or cat’s food. After doing thorough research on the pet food industry, and found that the quality standards are simply not as high as they are compared to human food.

Pet parents should expect a fully detailed description and account of every ingredient that comes to your door, backed by a comprehensive understanding of what your animal needs. This is far from what is provided.

To meet this need, our approach to feeding your pets is straightforward and honest. We want to empower you to stop relying on vague macronutrient ranges that can be deceitful and misleading for pet owners everywhere.

A Pet-Loving Team Dedicated to Excellence

Keep in mind, the food we will be bringing to homes soon at PetMio is food that we will actually provide for our own pets. We wouldn’t feed our pets anything less than the best – which is why we set out to create that ourselves.  We want our dogs and cats to have a nutritional facts label, not a “guaranteed analysis” with ranges of what the bag of food could be.

Our smart technology is the solution to make sure your pet gets exactly what he or she needs. Every shipment of organic, all-natural food will be designed to meet the needs of your pet, and ours as we get them for our pets. With PetMio’s scientific analysis of their breed, age, activity, rest levels, and eating habits, you can feed your animal with confidence knowing that you are providing your pet with optimal nutritional balance.

Even if your dog or cat has a specific dietary need, PetMio is prepared to formulate the right recipe for them. PetMio’s food is truly personalized to your pet, a result of our essential data points derived directly from your animal, crossed with our revolutionary nutritional algorithm.

No More Guessing How Much or What to Feed Fido

With PetMio, you can take the guesswork out of what you’re giving to your cat or dog, every time. Our mission is to equip our customers with the best organic pet food option available, while providing genuine, scientific knowledge about what they are actually feeding to their pets. You can rely on PetMio as a trustworthy, honest source for helping your cat or dog maintain a naturally balanced diet and healthy life.

This revolution on the pet food industry is now available for preorder. You can be the first to start making changes to your pet’s diet.

Looking forward to delivering to your door soon,

The PetMio Team