11 Pets Acting More Human Than You

Black pug with tongue out rocking some Ray Bans better than any human

Sometimes our pets surprise us with just how human they act.  Maybe they are just mocking their “hoomans,” or maybe they are practicing to take our place… Either way it is cute in the meantime! Check out these 11 pets acting human.

1. This cat reading Jean-Paul Sarte

Cat reading Jean-Paul Sartre
Looks like his mind was blown… Source: animalsdoingpeoplethings












2. These Dachsunds having a better summer than we think we’ve ever had

Dachshund in pool on floatie
Dachshund snuggles + floatie + pool = happiness. Source


3. Do you SEE how much money he has?  He’s got this.

Collie dog sitting at table playing Monopoly
Look at him with his innocent eyes – right before he buys Boardwalk Source


4. This cat Totasha celebrating Woman’s Day with some flowers for his hooman

He is winning hearts, for sure. Take note, gentlemen. Source: awwww-cute


5. Let’s face it: he is doing this better than 70% of your bio classmates

Cat looking through microscope...even though he doesn't have a slide yet, he's still way ahead of the curve
I mean, he showed up to class, for one. Source: biolegend


6. This cat mastering the art of staying in

Cat in bathrobe on couch dodging "text" to go out with "ugh I wish I could i'm just super busy with work!"
We’d rather be on the couch next to him with some milk, to be honest. Source: imademelaugh8295


7. It’s overused but I’ll say it: #squadgoals

My friends won’t even stand still for a photo like them. Source


8. Pug swagger at 110%

Black pug with tongue out rocking some Ray Bans better than any human
It’s the confidence, we think. Source: joshpeckofficial


9. And mess up this hair? Not on your life.  #prepared

Two Shetland Sheepdogs in yellow rain coats
Leave it to shelties to be the diva – but rocking the rain coat Source: animalsinraingear


10. “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed..”

So now cats are mom-ing better than us. Source: we-lovecats


11. It’s a corgi. In socks. We can go home now, I think.

Corgi laying on ground with multicolor socks on
They even have little traction paddies on them. Cuteness overload. Source: hypedogs