10 Pets that Were Hipsters Before It Was Cool

We may roll our eyes at the resident hipster who takes 20 minutes to order a cup of coffee, but these hipster pets are sure to put a smile on your face. Right up until you realize that you are not as cool as a dog in a messy bun or cat in thick-framed glasses…

1. All toy dogs should come with a stylist

Because they have STYLE! Source: Isabel Hendrix


2. Fierce AND Fashionable? Yes, please.

And yes, she can pull off a scarf in spring, thank you. Source: Beetlerump


3. Instead of studying, make kitty glasses and let your cat read

She’ll be quoting Oscar Wilde soon… Source: Harto


4. We couldn’t choose just one picture for this stylish pup…

The general consensus is wondering why this dog both dresses better than all of us and takes pictures better… Source: mustardtigress


5. “Do you even know we’re at war with Yemen? Do research.”

A well read corgi is an even cuter corgi. Source: dulect


6. Effortless Instagram photos come easy to the hipster pet

Do they use a timer? Friend? Professional? Trade secrets… Source: supremecarlos


7. No, he does not need a prom date. Yes, he is rocking that white suit.

It’s actually *ivory, thanks. Source: thegodemporerspeaks


8. “Oh, my friend just decided to take this picture at the exact right moment. #photogenic #blessed”

Cue eye roll. Source: messysouls


9. Every now and then you get a gifted individual who can pull off both hipster and dad couture.

No small feat. Might call themselves an “old soul.” Source: wonderlandgirlforever


10. Here we see the internet troll, probably correcting someone’s grammar

Begins all sentences with “actually…” Source: macross